About Me

Hello, I’m Annamarie Gaglione and welcome to my blog, Jersey Girl Gone Caribbean; a blog about, well, my life in the Caribbean as a fast talking, loud, and proud New Jerseyan.  I’m a simple girl from New Jersey of the United States who followed her heart and moved 1400 miles to the sunny Dominican Republic. I know it seems crazy but for as long as I can 

My fiancé and I in Hawaii while he lived there <3

remember I’ve wanted to live in a foreign place and experience life abroad. When my fiancé got the opportunity to live abroad, I naturally followed my heart and got ready for one of the most challenging experiences of my life thus far. We live in Santo Domingo with our two puppies , one golden retriever and one rescued pup. Follow along for all our adventures ! 


This blog will heighten your sense of wanderlust as I explore a new culture through food, the arts, scenery, and some comic relief along the way.  Follow me through my experiences of island life and everything it has to offer.